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Precision mold making

Precision Mould

A well designed and precision manufactured mold is the key to the efficient production of good plastic parts. HKY team has rich experiences on Precision mold designing, manufacturing from all these years learning, which allow us to serve our customers on molds building for parts that with complicated structure and tight dimensions requirements.


HKY has been focusing on high quality precision injection mold manufacturing since 2002. Standard components from HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, JIS ,LKM etc are available here. We also have good relationship with hot runner supplier like Yudo, Synventive, Moldmaster, Incoe, can provide hot runner mold per customer requirement. . standard.

Equipments Overview 

Our factory has passed the IATF-16949 certification, with 6 CNC machines, 2 WEDM-LS machines, 6 Grinding Machines, 4 EDM machines, 1 spotting machine, our capacity allows 45 sets of molds to be made one month, always on time Click to view our equipment listauto mould

Plastic Injection Mold Making

Precision Mould

We have cooperated with the reliable suppliers like LKM, MoldMaster, Gr?ditz. We also check the critical dimensions of the mold base, cavity, core, insert, lifter, electrode in house.

Precision Mould project management

We keep communicating with our customers during the Precision Molds Manufacturing, report to them timely if any issues happen during the processing. We have our own organized project management system, to list all process status, like mold designing, mold base and cavity and core purchase status, heat treatment status, cavity and core machining status, etc., So that customers can review and know exactly where we are on the project. After T1 we will ship the first articles to the customer for review and approval, meanwhile will provide the FAI report. 

HKY Precision Molds Conference of Design Review

With our experienced engineering and manufacturing team, we help our customer to control the cost, both the mold cost and part produce cost. All we done here aims to make quality molds, high standard level.  

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