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What is the Rapid Tooling?

hat is the Rapid Tooling?

Rapid Tooling aims to simplify the mold structure, shorten the delivery time and reduce the cost. It is often used in the injection molding industry. At the very first beginning of the new product development, rapid tooling can meet the timing and cost requirements. It has short delivery timing, also the cost is cheaper comparing with the production tooling, customers can get their parts very quickly.

Rapid Tooling Characteristics

  • 01 Mold Stee lGeneral use P20, S136H, NAK80, per customers’ different requests. Mold life From then thousands to one hundred thousands, also depends on the part structure, resin type, etc
  • 02 Structure Can share mold base, use interchangeable insert, Mold cost Saving 40% comparing with the traditional mold
  • 03 Delivery Time: Reduce 50% of the timing

Why choose HKY Mould?

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    Who are we

    HKY Mould is a private enterprise, we are a mold maker, specializing in plastic injection mold develop, design and manufacture. We can provide work efficient and cost-effective solutions with our customers. Our products apply in industries like medical equipment, automotive parts, consumer electronics, new energy, and appliance cover. 

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    What we do

    We can offer the whole package service from design to manufacture of the repaid tooling. With rich experiences on the rapid tooling, normally use S50C and P20, from single cavity to multi cavity we build your tooling with creative thinking to meet your different requirements. 

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    What we offer Raid Tooling, Production plastic injection molds, injection molding, and precision molds.

Final part


A threaded insert is placed atop a mold core where plastic is molded over it to form the final component.
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