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Benefits of Injection Molding Multiple Parts at Once

2019-04-29 19:02:00 

If you have a custom plastic injection molding project that involves multiple parts, there’s an opportunity to save money by putting them into a family (multi-cavity) mold.

1Benefits of Injection Molding Multiple Parts at Once

Some injection molders won’t suggest family molds – they would rather sell you an individual mold for each part so they can make more money. At HKY Mold, we would rather act in the best interest of our customer.

Family molding can be used when a project involves similar parts that go together, such as the two halves of a case, or multiple parts that go together in an assembly. Since all the parts are molded in one shot, it saves you money because there’s only one mold instead of multiple molds, and one setup vs. multiple setups.

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