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Quality control

Satisfying customers'quality needs for products has always been our constant pursuit. The quality management system of enterprises is a very important part of customer service. From purchasing materials, processing products, assembling, samples to final shipment, we have established strict quality control standards in each process to ensure the same quality.

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We have advanced measuring equipment (projectors, coordinate measuring machines, etc.). We have strict quality control at every stage of the Injection Mould Making process. Parts that fail to meet the standards will be reworked until they meet the standards, so as to ensure the success rate of the Injection mould testing.All along, the supply of our high-quality products is inseparable from the responsible working attitude of the quality control staff. It also lays a solid foundation for us to gain the recognition of customers.


staff training

Our quality assurance professionals receive the following training:

IATF16949 Quality System Management, Audit, Engineering

ASQ Core Tools: APQP, Control Plan, FMEA, MSA and PPAP Guidelines

Statistical process control and other key inspection monitoring practices

Die inspection standard

Testing Standard for Plastic Parts

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