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Project management

Project management

For the customer's project, the mold design and development capabilities play a vital role. At present, HKY Mould has 4 mold design engineers and 2 project engineers, all of whom have more than 15 years of experience. The company adopts the most advanced design software in the industry, owns the secondary development design software of its own intellectual property, establishes its own standard parts database and continuously improves it, improves efficiency, reduces error rate, and greatly shortens design time.

HKY Mould successfully introduced the Injection Mould ERP management system in 2018. After the order is established, the design, ordering, processing, trial and die-moving are all carried out in an orderly manner according to the workshop planning process. No matter where the customer is, we can provide according to us. The account login to the ERP system to view the progress of the Injection Mould.

Adhering to the principles of professionalism, efficiency, timeliness and high quality, we provide design and delivery services that satisfy our customers. This is the purpose of the HKY Mould project team.

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Project management process

  • mould design

    Design: Submit the first mold data sheet and production schedule Provide DFM reports, including product optimization analysis and mold feasibility analysis Send the mold design file MOLD FLOW analysis is available if required by the customer Conduct a final review review meeting

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    Mold processing: Conducting mold production technology review meeting Ensure that current processing is performed in full compliance with customer standards On-site management and processing plan and mold quality Submit the latest mold information table, schedule and processing pictures to customers every week.


    Test mode: Mold first trial meeting discussion Submit the sample, FAI report and injection molding parameter list (a test video can be provided if necessary) Mold improvement report, including sample analysis and improvement suggestions If the finished product is produced, we will provide CPK and CMK to the customer; once all the information is confirmed, we will carry out small batch trial production or directly mass production according to customer requirements.

  • checklist

    Checklist: We will review the mold according to the mold inspection list, such as mold appearance, mold core, ejection system, cooling system, assembly, injection molding, spare parts and packaging. The mold will be equipped with the final 2D and 3D drawings/discs, material certificate, heat treatment certificate, and related documents. The company strictly follows the standard specifications of the drawings, and all the mold data and project information are well recorded and archived for follow-up. If the mold has some bad conditions, the company will guarantee that it will go all out to solve the problem for the customer.

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