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HKY Mould


Founded in 2005, HKY Mould is one of the most competitive Injection mold manufacturers and injection molding companies in Shenzhen, China. We serve a wide range of industries including automotive interiors, automotive cooling systems, electronics, home applications, medical, energy, industrial and more.

Our services include

3D printing, CNC hand board

CAD Design / Mold Flow Analysis / DFM

Custom precision injection mold, two-color mold

Injection molding, small batch production, mass production

Spray, silk screen, laser engraving, plating


Strength and vision

Cnc processing

Company strength

Talent has always been the most valuable asset of HKY Mould, which is the key to our success in the past ten years. Currently we have more than 70 well-trained technical elites, 25 experienced mold engineers and 4 mold designers, HKY Mould The staff guarantees your high quality and stable performance!

In order to meet the highest requirements of our customers, we are constantly investing in the latest technology, equipped with the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment, we have complete internal plastic mold manufacturing, injection molding, painting, assembly capabilities, our equipment includes but not limited to: 5 CNC, Precision 0.005mm, 4 mirror EDM, 3 slow line cutting, 20 injection molding machines from 60 tons to 1200Ton, 1 2d projector, 1 CMM. We can manufacture 15 tons of the largest plastic mold and 5000g of molded plastic parts. At the same time, in order to guarantee our on-time delivery, HKY Mould has successfully introduced a professional mold ERP system to ensure that customers can log in to our system at any time to view our production progress.

service team

Company Vision

Since its inception, HKY Mould has always learned and adopted the latest technology to keep our progress. High-quality talents, advanced processing equipment and perfect management system ensure that we manufacture stable performance, on-time delivery, competitive price, efficient communication and flexibility to meet the most urgent needs of our customers.

We are ready for the challenge and look forward to participating in your next project!

Contact Us

TEL: 0086-755-23573733


Adress: Room #102, Building #50, Shu Tianpu Xin xing Industry Zone B, Matian Street, Guang Ming District, Shen Zhen city, Guang Dong Province, China, 518101.

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