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Why use the hot runners for the plastic injection molds?

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Why use the hot runners for the plastic injection molds?
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It saves resin during the production of the injection mold, shortens the molding cycle time, reduces the production cost, and improves the efficiency of the system. The hot runner molds are widely used in various industrialized countries and regions in the world nowadays. This is mainly because the hot runner mold has the following remarkable features:

Why use the hot runners for the plastic injection molds?

1.Due to the limitation of the cooling time of the sprue system, the parts can be ejected in time after solidification. Many thin-walled small parts produced with hot runner molds have a molding cycle time of less than 5 seconds.

2.Because there is no cold runner in the whole hot runner mold, there is no resin waste during production. This is especially significant for applications when the certain plastics are expensive. In fact, the major hot runner manufacturers in the world have experienced rapid development while the  oil and the plastic raw materials are expensive, because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce waste and reduce raw material costs.

3.During the hot runner mold forming process, the plastic melt temperature is accurately controlled in the runner system. Plastics can flow into the cavities in a more uniform state, resulting in consistent quality parts accurately. The hot runner molding parts have good gate quality, low residual stress after demolding, and parts only have small deformation. As a results, many high quality products on the market are produced by the hot runner molds.

4.Parts produced by the hot runner mold is the finished product, and there is no need to trim the gate and recycle the processing of the cold runner, which is beneficial to the automation production. Many domestic and foreign product manufacturers combine hot runners with automation to improve production efficiency greatly 

5.Many advanced plastic molding processes have been developed based on the hot runner technology. Such as the PET preform manufacturing, multi-color co-injection in the mold, a variety of material co-injection process, STACK MOLD (stack mold). Although comparing with the cold runner molds, the hot runner molds have many significant advantages 

However we also need to understand the shortcomings of hot runner injection molds. To sum it up, there are the following points: 

Firstly, the hot runner system are much more expensive over the cold runner molds, and hot runner mold costs can increase significantly. If parts production quantity is very small, the cost of injection tools will be very high and not economically. For mold users in many developing countries, the high cost of hot runner systems is one of the main problems affecting the widespread use of hot runner molds. Secondly, the hot runner processing plastic injection mold factory needs precision processing machinery as a guarantee. The integration and cooperation requirements of the hot runner system and the mold are extremely strict, otherwise the mold will have many serious issues during the production process. Hot runner mold operation and maintenance is complicated compared to cold runner molds. With improper operation, it will damage the hot runner parts easily, making it impossible for the production, resulting in huge economic losses. Injection mold makers who are not familiar with the hot runner system will take a long time to accumulate experience.
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