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What’s the difference between the double color mold and over mold?

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What’s the difference between the double color mold and over mold?
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What’s the difference between the double color mold and over mold?


Some people have heard about the Two-Shot Mould, but did not ever heard about the over mold. What’s the exact differences between this two kinds of molds?

 Two-color injection molding products

I. The difference between the over mold and the Two-Shot Mould.


A. Two-Shot Mould.  Two resins to be molded in one injection molding machine, forming in two times, the two different color parts are produced out in one cycle time, one injection process. It is also called two resins injection molding, normally need one set of injection mold, but certain injection molding machine, the double color injection machine.


B. . Over mold (2 times forming) : Two resins to be molded in one injection machine or two different machines, parts forming in twice; The operator will take out part from one mold, then put it into another mold for the second injection molding process. So, it needs 2 molds to finish the over molding process, normal injection machine can finish the process, no need for specific double color machine.


二、Two-Shot Mould and double color mold overview


For the design of the over mold, need to take more attention on the location of hard plastic part, has to be reliable and perfect fit with the soft part with slope holes to avoid the warpage. The double color molds is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It can make the part appearance more beautiful, change color easily without painting, however it costs higher, request higher design technical skills.



三、Differences between the double color injection molding and over molding


The real double molds, after finishing one shot run, can turn over 180 degree, ie, the same molds base, the different cavity and core side. It is efficient, low cost during mass production. If the parts quantity requested is very high, we suggest not to consider the over molding due to the injection timing and defective rate

Mobile film two-color injection products

For Over molding, it needs to take one part of the product out from one injection machine , then put on other injection machine for production another part. It takes longer time and cost higher comparing with the double color injection molding during large quantity production. But it can be considered if the production quantity is low. 

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