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What are the benefits of high and low injection speeds?

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What are the benefits of high and low injection speeds?
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What are the benefits of high and low injection speeds?

The most important process conditions in injection molding process are the temperature, pressure, speed and corresponding time of action that affect the plasticizing flow and cooling. However, these factors affect and restrict each other, such as increasing melt and mold temperature, can reduce the injection pressure and speed, and otherwise need to increase the injection pressure and speed.

The influence of various technological conditions is the core of plastic viscosity change, which is very important for the reasonable selection of parameters in the process of injection and the influence between each other.

The characteristics of high and low injection speed

(I) high-speed injection in the process of injection has the following advantages:

(1) reduce injection time and molding cycle;

(2)The improvement of the plastic process, is conducive to the formation of thin-walled parts;

(3) improve the surface gloss of products;

(4)In addition, can increase the strength of welding lines, make welding lines not obvious;

(5)prevent the generation of cooling deformation etc.

(Ⅱ) low speed injection has the following advantages:

(1) to prevent molding products flash;

(2) prevent the production of jet and flow patterns;

(3)Prevent the production of burning prints;

(4)In addition, preventing gas entrainment in plastic melts;

(5) prevent the generation of molecular orientation deformation etc..

The advantages of high speed injection are exactly the disadvantages of low speed injection and vice versa. Therefore, the combination of high speed and low speed in the process of injection can make full use of their advantages and avoid their disadvantages, so as to ensure the quality of products and the economy of the process. this

That is, we commonly refer to the multistage injection technology, which has been widely used in modern injection molding machine. At present, most of the above medium-sized injection molding machines have five to six levels of injection pressure, speed change and three to four levels of pressure pressure change (because of the pressure stage, the melt is full of cavity, at this time the melt through pressure pressure into the cavity feed material has been limited.

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