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The Method of Plastic Injection Molding

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The Method of Plastic Injection Molding
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The following is the method of plastic injection molding.

Exhaust injection molding

An exhaust injection machine is provided with an exhaust port in the middle of the barrel, which is connected to the vacuum system. When the plastic is plasticized, the vacuum pump can pass the water vapor, monomer, volatile substances and air contained in the plastic through the exhaust port pumped away. The raw materials do not need to be pre-dried,which improves production efficiency and product quality.It is especially suitable for molding materials that are easy to absorb moisture,such as polycarbonate,nylon, organic glass,cellulose and so on.

Flow injection molding

Flow injection molding can use ordinary moving screw injection machine. The plastic is plasticized continuously and squeezed into the mold cavity with a certain temperature. After the plastic fills the cavity, the screw stops rotating, and the material in the mold is kept under pressure for a suitable time by the thrust of the screw, and then cooled and shaped.It overcomes the limitations of equipment for producing large-scale products, and the quality of the parts can exceed the maximum injection volume of the injection machine.

Co-injection molding

Co-injection molding is a method that uses an injection machine with two and more injection units to inject plastics of different varieties, different colors simultaneously and into the mold successively.The method can produce composite products of multiple colors and multiple plastics.

No flow channel

There is no split channel in the mold, and the extension nozzle of the injection machine divides the molten material into each mold cavity directly. During the injection process, the plastic in the flow channel maintains a molten flow state.It is not released with the product during demolding, so the product has no flow channel residues.It is not only saves raw materials and lowers costs, but also reduces processes and achieves fully automatic production.

Reaction injection molding

In reaction injection molding, the reaction raw materials are metered by a metering device and then pumped into the mixing head, collide and mix in the mixing head, and then injected into the closed mold at high speed, solidify quickly,demold and take out the product. It is suitable for processing some thermosetting plastics and elastomers,such as polyurethane, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin, silicone resin, alkyd resin and so on.

Thermosetting plastic

Granular and agglomerate thermosetting plastics are plasticized into a viscoplastic state by the action of a screw in a strictly controlled temperature barrel.With a higher injection pressure, the material enters a mold within a certain temperature range and crosslinks and solidifies.

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