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Plastic products Which one is better looking? High polish? Or the matte?

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Plastic products Which one is better looking? High polish? Or the matte?
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Plastic products Which one is better looking? High polish? Or the matte? 

Plastic products Which one is better looking High polish Or the matte?

Whether the high polish appearance of plastic products is better looking or the frosted surface is, many friends will be confused when developing products, and some of them are subjective aesthetics. No matter it is the high-polish appearance or the frosted surface market, they both have demands, mostly follow the trend of the market. For example, the apple white, local gold are very popular in the market nowadays, we doubt if it’s true that there has never been such a color in the eyes of human beings. Thanks to Apple's marketing strategy and packaging, and more due to their pursuit of the ultimate spirit. For the appearance of high gloss surface and frosted surface, which is more high-grade, in fact, different products can not be the same. The key is to make the high-gloss surface to achieve the highest level, and to make the frosted surface to make the frosted surface just right.


The appearance of high polished plastic products is usually higher grade looking, which always makes people open eyes. However, there are also some drawbacks . For example, if the product is made as polished without UV treatment, then the product is easy to be scratched, and different products have different requirements for the hand feel. The high-polished products are easy to slip from hands. Meanwhile, the material used in the products matters. High-polished products need to be injection molded with high-gloss materials. If ordinary plastics are used, it will have bad looking. If the surface of the product has a high-gloss appearance, it has relatively high requirements on the molds. For too small products, we do not recommend to use a high-polished appearance. The cavity is too small to be controlled easily during the process, may resulting in deformation or unevenness of the cavity. 


The frosted surface looks more textured, non-slip and feels good, and is more wear-resistant, even if it is scratched a little it doesn’t look obviously. However, it also have negative sides, the dust is easy to accumulated and will be difficult to clean. If the product is larger, it is recommended to make the scrub a little thicker. If the matte is too thin, it will be easy to see the appearance of the product due to the miniature of the internal structure on the surface, which is counterproductive. If the appearance of the product is small, it is recommended to make a fine-grained finish, which will make the whole product more higher grade looking. Of course, for some products, the combination of matte and high polishing can be combined to mix various elements.


Whether the plastic products are made of high polishing or matte surface, we can start from theinjection moldmanufacturing, polishing or etching on the mold. To make the appearance of the product directly on the mold is not suitable for all products, for some personal use products, such as beauty equipment, aromatherapy machine, air purifier molds, etc., in order to make the product look more upscale, usually in the subsequent selection of fuel injection for processing, the high gloss surface needs to be primed and then UV protection, while the frosted surface needs to be sprayed with rubber paint; for some environment friendly products, such as medical equipment products and baby products, it must be processed on the mold.

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