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Plastic Injection Mould Factory

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Plastic Injection Mould Factory
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In the mold industry, it ranges from a small workshop of one or two people to a plastic mold factory of hundreds or thousands of people. The process of manufacturing precision plastic molds is basically the same. The only constant is the manufacturing details of the machining equipment and the process. There is also a preliminary mold review.

                   A good plastic mold factory must undergo a rigorous product review in the early stage, and then undergo a mold flow analysis to reasonably rank. Generally, high-precision machining is used for wire cutting, and then high-precision computer gongs and high-precision spark machining are used. Advanced grinder and milling machine processing, coupled with master molds with many years of experience, a set of quality precision plastic molds will naturally come out. Small workshops cannot make good molds without good machines. Plastic mold factories have high-precision machines, and masters without many years of experience cannot make quality molds.
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