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How to choose Expert Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China?

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How to choose Expert Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China?
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The key reason why most molders work with China injection mold makers is price. Of course, price is not the only one, and its percentage is still slowly declining.

Before discussing the tips for choosing a China professional injection mold manufacturer, let us also understand the basic information. If you are only interested in the tips, click here for quick access.

What is an injection mold?
Injection molds are molds/tools for molding plastic parts that are widely used in our daily lives, such as auto parts, household appliances, digital electronics, plastic parts, plastic office equipment...


What are the basic points of an injection mold?

The development and innovation of injection molds is one of the main supports for the development of the plastic parts molding industry. Moreover, due to its complicated technical aspects, it is difficult to show the details of the plastic injection mold here, so only the basic two points can be said.


-Plastic injection mold design

This is one of the basic technical requirements and core competencies for manufacturing high quality plastic injection molds. There are usually two main parts in the injection mold, called the core and the cavity, which looks simple? Ok, actually it will be very complicated. Therefore, the proper mold design is the guarantee of mold quality. The originality of mold development can ultimately create higher production capacity and excellent plastic parts, although it seems impossible now.

- Injection mold steel

In general, the principle of high quality steel is to support the stability and long-term operation of plastic injection molds. Therefore, it is often necessary to harden high-quality steel and to require high wear resistance, and due to different material specifications, the steel should provide different applications, such as for ABS V0 fireproof materials, must have corrosion resistance.

Therefore, you can see that the target is the best steel to ensure that the mold can withstand time, heat and permanent work. The best steel is the right steel to meet the requirements, but the price can withstand the burden of the molder.

In fact, after a quick review of the above mentioned content, you may also find a place to be aware of when choosing a professional injection mold manufacturer.
Here are five basic tips that can help you understand what a premium plastic injection mold maker is.

1. Talk more to understand the mold design capabilities of injection mold manufacturers

Why do we recommend more understanding of the mold design capabilities of injection mold manufacturers?

- As global trade competition intensifies, the demand for plastic parts will be more diversified, which will pose more challenges to the design of plastic injection molds.

- Most molders want to establish long-term relationships with at least one mold manufacturer.

2. Confirm the mold processing capability of the injection mold manufacturer

This part would be easier because that the tooling equipment and workshops could be regarded as mold tooling capacity. So you could ask for the tooling equipment list and even the videos for them or visiting them on site.

3. Check the mold quality control ability of the injection mold manufacturer

It is best to quality control each process of each mold part to maintain excellent productivity and mold quality, because plastic injection molds are custom made, almost all parts are different, and they are made up of different workers and Machined.

Therefore, if you want to get a good quality injection mold more easily, please check the mold manufacturer's quality control system, you will find that only better quality control capabilities than the best, therefore, the quality control system may become more and more Good technology is constantly evolving and continuous improvement.

4. Check the plastic part design capabilities of the injection mold manufacturer

Better injection mold manufacturers can often help you analyze and improve plastic parts. This is really important for those who want to keep their parts competitive.

5. Confirm the service capabilities of the injection mold manufacturer.

This is much more complicated because it seems to be known only when it is experienced. Before the trial command is released, you will find that most of them provide you with a good service. As for the following process, it sometimes varies. The scary thing is that no one answers you when you need them.

An effective way to talk to customers of injection molders is to ask if you can communicate with some of their customers or check if they have customers for decades.

Do you have any questions about the status of China plastic mold maker HKY Mold? Our professional engineers are here to advise you. Contact us now!

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