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Multiple injection

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Multiple injection
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Multiple injection molding can be generally divided into mobile injection molding, rotary plastic injection molding, index plastic injection molding and displacement plastic injection molding.

Mobile injection

After the pre-injection is completed, the mold and the slider remain closed, and the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine still injects the second part of the raw material into the cavity of the mold cavity until the second part of the injection is completed and cooled.The mold is opened.The complete part is taken out.It is mostly used for parts with simple geometric shapes, such as sealing rings, covers and sealing covers.

Turntable plastic mold injection

Only the fixed mold half will be affected by the geometry of the product, so it can be used to achieve a good design concept on one side. It allows for simultaneous injection molding, it is often used to save processing cycles.It is mainly suitable for the processing of drinking cups, handles, lids and seals.

Index plastic injection

It is mostly used for the second part of the injection molding and the processing occasion where the product shape must be changed. It can improve the freedom of product design greatly, so it is often used in the processing of automobile adjustment wheels, toothbrushes and disposable razors.

Shift plastic mold injection

It is mainly used in processing fields such as ink transfer shaft, process injection molding and toothbrush.

They all use a high degree of full closed-loop control at a preset speed and actual pressure so that the second plastic mold injection will not deviate from the requirements, then ensure the quality of the product.

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