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Mold Making For Toys

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Mold Making For Toys
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Mold Making For Toys

The steps of Mold Making For Toysfrom silica gel:

Silicone molds are special mold glues for making toys and other crafts. It is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and high fineness. It is a mold for various handicrafts. The production process steps are as follows:
1. Wash and dry the main mold to make it smooth, or apply a layer of release wax.
2. Use about 500 grams of mold silicone rubber as a plastic basin.
3. Weigh the hardener by weight, mix it in a container, and mix well.
4. Add a certain amount of silica diluent as appropriate. Until the mixture is homogeneous.
5. After mixing the mold silicone rubber with the hardener, the reaction is carried out at room temperature to release a low molecular alcohol. In order to remove the alcohol molecules from the colloid, it is necessary to discharge under a negative pressure for 1- 3 minutes.
6. The multi-layer brushing mold, the amount of curing agent is preferably less than inside and outside. When the brush is applied, the first layer is dried and then the second layer is brushed. The demold time is usually 10-15 hours. The curing time is 24 hours. Note that after applying the first layer and the second layer, it is better to add the mold cloth, which can greatly improve the service life of the mold, but care should be taken to use glass fiber cloth , otherwise it will easily lead to delamination, and the entire mold will be scrapped.
7. Three-dimensional infusion mold, generally cured for 10-15 hours.
8. After the soft mold is completed, a fiberglass jacket should be made to support the silicone soft mold. When operating this step, pay attention to the choice of mold lines and choose a location that is easy to machine without affecting the appearance of the Product.
9. Must not increase the amount of curing agent, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of silicone mold.

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