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Injection molding

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Injection molding
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The injection molding of thermoplastics includes the processes of feeding, plasticizing, injecting, holding pressure, cooling and demoulding. The molding of thermosetting plastics and rubber also includes the same process, but the temperature of the barrel is lower than that of thermoplastics.The injection pressure is higher.The mold is heated.The material needs to be cured and vulcanized in the mold after injection, and then the film is removed while hot.

Injection molding is a model with a certain shape, which is formed by injecting a melted colloid into the cavity by pressure. The solid plastic is melted according to a certain melting point, and injected into the mold at a certain speed through the pressure of the injection machine Inside, the mold solidifies the plastic through water channel cooling to obtain the same product as the designed cavity.

Injection molding is a method of plasticizing thermoplastic and thermosetting molding materials in a heated cylinder first, and then pushing them into the cavity of the closed mold by the plunger and moving screw.

Injection molding is suitable for almost all thermoplastics. Injection molding is also used to mold certain thermoset plastics. Injection molding has a short molding cycle.The quality of the molded product can be from a few grams to tens of kilograms. It can mold molded products with complex shapes, accurate dimensions, metal and non-metal inserts at one time.

Injection molding is a cyclic process.Each cycle mainly includes quantitative feeding,melt plasticization,pressure injection,mold cooling and mold takeout. After removing the plastic parts, the mold is closed again for the next cycle.

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