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Improve the problem of TPE and TPR soft glue forming and sticking mould

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Improve the problem of TPE and TPR soft glue forming and sticking mould
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When TPE and TPR are formed, especially when covering forming ABS,PC and other plastics, they often encounter the problem that the adhesive mold of TPE products is not easy to take out. On the one hand, there are TPE material (base material and mixing) factors, in addition, through the appropriate adjustment of the mold, molding process, can also improve and solve. TPE、TPR soft plastic molding adhesive mold problem!

I. mold

1. Discharge machining of gate bushing to retain discharge lines of a certain thickness and reduce the adsorption force of runner;

2. As a soft adhesive, the flow groove thimble adopts the inverted shape of the flow groove pin to increase the strength of the pull channel. Inverted Angle can start small, slowly experiment. If the general z-needle is used, it may not pull enough, resulting in the flow path sticking to the female die;

3, the public mold as far as possible to polish the mirror, increase the adsorption, this is the opposite of hard resin;

4. The drawing Angle of the male mold can be appropriately small, or not at all, or even the reverse drawing, if allowed;

5. Cross bar can be added to the thimble head.

Second, can also start from the molding process

1, can be female mold with high mold temperature, male mold with low mold temperature;

2. Put the release agent on the mold, pay attention to the amount of release agent, so as not to affect the appearance of the product.

3, TPE material is an important link, the formula to reduce the proportion of oil filling, the essence is to make the proportion of oil filling appropriate, paraffin level oil will be better. Choosing the right brand of SEBS and SBS is also important;

4. Adjust the TPE mixing system appropriately to reduce the adhesion between the product and the mold and facilitate the release of the mold.

Through the above scheme, the problem of sticking mold of TPE and TPR materials (soft adhesive) can be basically solved.

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