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How to solve the problem of demoulding of plastic injection mould ?

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How to solve the problem of demoulding of plastic injection mould ?
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In the plastic mold industry, there are many unsolvable problems, especially when highly complex designs are required with various resin compounds and high-gloss finish machining.

Now there is a latest demoulding technology that can solve the problem of plastic demoulding easily.

The revolutionary surface coating of the nano-mold coating consists of three internal components, which will self-assemble after being applied to the surface structure. The three areas function as a whole and work together during the formation of the microscopic network, which can prevent the fluid from contacting the surface structure.

Nano mold release coating can form a coating on the surface of the plastic mold.Even on the surface of the insert of the plastic mold, which can reduce the friction coefficient of these surfaces significantly and achieve a high gloss processing surface without using traditional mold release agents.

Even when the design and plastic compounds used make the machine and tool maintenance downtime longer, so that the production output is low and economically not feasible, the nano-mold coating can extend the uninterrupted production time and reduce the machine and tool maintenance suspension period to maximize the efficiency and role of plastic mold production and reduce waste.

Nano mold release coating not only improves the smoothness and accuracy of the plastic mold surface, but also improves the productivity of the plastic mold manufacturing industry greatly.

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