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How to identify high-quality molds?

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How to identify high-quality molds?
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Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production. The mold involves various industries such as machinery, automobiles, light power, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy and building materials.

The mold has a wide range of applications and has begun to penetrate into various industries and all aspects of our lives gradually.

Moulds are inseparable from our lives. Computers, telephones, fax machines, keyboards and cups are all manufactured through strict injection molding processes.

Therefore, the selection of high-quality injection mold manufacturers is extremely important in our daily life.

How to identify high-quality molds ?

1.The mold surface must have sufficient hardness and excellent wear resistance.

2.The polishing performance of the mold cavity surface must be excellent to minimize the surface roughness value.

3.The mold must have good thermal stability performance. After the mold is quenched, the size of the mold should ensure that the front and back values are unchanged basically.

 So,it is important to choose a regular and qualified manufacturer.

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