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HKY Mould company is advancing in the process of exploration

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HKY Mould company is advancing in the process of exploration
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HKY Mould company is advancing in the process of exploration

In 2019, the global economic environment was not very good, and the market was weak, which also brought disorderly price competition to plastic mold manufacturers. Regardless of the active or passive participation of large and small companies, they will eventually become the competition of strength consumption, causing the industry to shuffle. The cold winter is coming to an end, the warm spring will inevitably come, the industry order will be reordered, and the surviving plastic mold makers will be powerful companies, innovative companies, and constantly energetic companies. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, I believe that this year is thinking about the transformation of the enterprise and the survival rules of adapting to the market. If you do not break out in silence, you will die in silence. Therefore, HKY injection mold Maker has set five major requirements for itself, striving to be the most tenacious enterprise.

1, will strive to carry out brand promotion to ensure that customers repeat purchasing power. All marketing methods and marketing methods are gradually promoting products from upstream to downstream consumers. This promotion is time consuming and labor intensive, and the effect is still half the effort. The customer's repetitive purchasing power behavior must be based on the trust of the brand and the purchase of the customer. Determine the convenience of the product.

2. Be brave in service innovation and channel optimization to ensure smooth circulation. Due to changes in the market, old-fashion relationship customers are becoming more and more difficult to do business with emotional brands. In the end, we must improve the overall operation of the company, improve the company's service quality and professional service level, and optimize the company's market outlets. The layout ensures the reasonable profit of the market customers, only the profitable customers will be loyal to the brand, and the product channel circulation will be smooth.

3. Committed to lean production management to maintain product quality and stability. The importance of quality stability is self-evident. Some of the big brothers in the tool industry can maintain a certain share without any investment and innovation, which is closely related to their own quality stability. It is not the opponent but the self that can really defeat you. Due to insufficient quality stability, how many brands are degraded and the history of the industry can be seen.

4. Committed to innovation and ensure the competitiveness of injection mold manufacturing. An innovative source of power for businesses and industries. If an industry fights for price, then there is no future for this industry chain.

5. The supply chain resources will be integrated to maintain product price advantages. The operation of the enterprise is a chain that needs to match each link. The marketing exhibition can only add icing on the cake, and the integrated management of the internal supply chain of the enterprise is the internal strength of the enterprise. The internal force is not strong and the combat effectiveness is strong. The courage of competing products comes from the support and cooperation of the logistics department, so HKY Mouldmanufacturers realize that supply chain management is very important.

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