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Common precision mold measuring instruments

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Common precision mold measuring instruments
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Common precision mold measuring instruments

In the modern industrial Mould Make process and injection molding production, we often use a variety of testing instruments, precision measuring instruments are the main instruments. In precision measuring instruments, there are many testing instruments, such as YVM. Below, we will introduce, what are the precision testing instruments commonly used in our cognition?

First of all, the first precision measuring instrument we know is Quadratic Measurement, also known as Projector, or YVM. It is one of the most widely used instruments in precision measuring instruments. The so-called Quadratic Measurement, which can be seen literally, is an image measuring instrument based on two-dimensional data for detecting workpieces.

Since Quadratic Measurement is mainly applied to two-dimensional inspection, we have developed and produced Coordinates Measuring Machine (CMM) on the basis of YVM. It adds high-detection function to the length and width detection, and is the main tool detection. Testing equipment. In the use of Quadratic Measurement and Quadratic Measurement, we will divide them into manual and automatic YVM and CMM according to the operation mode of the instrument. In today's market, we use CNC YNM and CNC more commonly. CMM, because they can more accurately detect the parameters and data we need, the operation is more convenient.

In the common instruments of precision measuring instruments, in addition to YVM and CMM, there is a special high-precision measuring instrument, which is the OMM between YVM and CMM, which is based on YVM. In order to realize the function of simple three-dimensional detection, this is why we call it 2.5-dimensional.

Whether it is YMN or CMF fully automatic CMM OMM, their fundamental function is to better detect the workpiece and provide guarantee for the safe production of the product. Therefore, we say that the precision measuring instrument is an indispensable testing instrument in modern industrial production.

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