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Shenzhen HKY provides the fourth set of replica mold optimization solutions for Tianjin customers

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Shenzhen HKY provides the fourth set of replica mold optimization solutions for Tianjin customers
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In the middle of January, our customer service staff received an inquiry from Tianjin IP on the website. The other party is the R&D engineer of Tianjin No.1 Company. He consulted with us whether we can do the mold optimization program. The customer service is transferred to me, we will proceed further. Communication, the other party's consulting products currently have 3 sets of molds at the same time, but due to mold design problems, there are some drawbacks, injection efficiency, handling, material loss, mold life and so on, the company wants to invest in the program Optimize and re-add the mold.

After some conversation, he briefly introduced their products. The products are dangerous goods, the process is more complicated, the device needs to be filled with rare elements, laser welding, and then put into the mold for injection molding, and each product will be laser engraved. If the code is in the file, the defective products will be destroyed. Therefore, injection molding needs to return to Tianjin, their company, just entrust us to provide optimization solutions, open plastic molds. He sent me the 3D map and the previous mold photos, hoping that we can combine the first three sets of molds to optimize their requirements.

Tianjin customer's fourth set of copy molds to find Shenzhen HKY to provide optimization solutions

HKY is a team that is willing to challenge ourselves. Thanks to the trust of many customers and friends, our engineering department analyzes and reviews the product drawings and draws up preliminary optimization plans. In order to further communicate, the next day, Ligong flew from Tianjin to Shenzhen and brought samples (the samples here are semi-finished products, there is no medicine powder), Li Gong said that this product can not be carried with him, the transportation control is particularly strict, until later We are not sure what it is, we guess it should be military or nuclear products.

The general need to optimize the problem points are as follows, these problems are from the original set of molds to the second set of the third set of gradual optimization, still existing problems, Li Gong said that their company's vertical machine is not big, It is best to make the size of the mold as small as possible to ensure the strength, it is not small, or to optimize and improve production efficiency, the company can consider purchasing equipment. I want to copy and optimize it many times. I don't hesitate to purchase equipment. How important this product is. After many days of repeated fights, our engineers sent the designed mold drawings to Li Gong and received his approval.

As shown above, the product is small and does not seem complicated, but it is not easy to do it. The mold needs an upper mold with two lower molds. The consistency requirement for the lower mold is quite high, considering the strength of the mold and For the service life, we must use imported steel materials and quenching treatment. We always have strict supervision on the quality of our molds in every processing step of the mold, ensuring an OK, and strive to live up to the trust of Tianjin customers. Probably the problems of the first three sets of molds are too urgent to be improved. All the proposals for the molds are guaranteed. Li Gong agrees one by one. It is probably not clear that he also knows that it is necessary to save costs and solve problems.

The molds are tested on time, and the devices inside are naturally some semi-finished products sent by Ligong. Whether it is a bad product or an OK sample, they must be sent back to Tianjin for unified destruction. Due to repeated review by the technical team, the mold test can basically achieve the expected results. On the second day after receiving the sample, Li Gongfa sent a contact letter reminding us to sort out the molds. He proposed to send Debon logistics directly, and the logistics costs were paid by them. (Logistics fees are generally paid by the supplier). I think most of the time I feel that we have solved the problem for him and recognized us.

Shenzhen HKY Technology, more than 20 years of experience in the production of experienced plastic molds, has many years of experience in product design, mold design and precision parts production in the world's top 500 enterprises. Before the mold development, the technical team passed the "pre-existing technical review agreement" Form, fully understand the product's characteristic requirements, and provide effective protection for all-round technical support to customers in the future. Before the mold processing, the engineering department and the mold department will be the mainstay, and the product function will be fully reviewed beforehand to ensure product function, Structure and appearance meet customer needs.

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