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Application of injection products

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Application of injection products
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Because of the different injection molding materials used, injection molding products have many excellent properties that other materials do not have.Injection molding products have been used widely in agriculture, construction, automobiles, and avionics, logistics packaging and so on.

Plastics are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries to make insulating materials and packaging materials.In the machinery industry, plastics are used to make gears, bearings and many parts and components instead of metal.In the chemical industry, plastics are used to make various containers and other anti-corrosion materials.

In the construction industry, injection molded products mainly exist as auxiliary parts of other building materials. Plastic building materials can not only replace steel and wood in a large amount, but also have many properties that are superior to steel, aluminum, wood, and traditional materials, which can protect the ecological environment and improve the living environment and conditions.Plastic is an energy-saving material, it can not only save production energy consumption, but also save energy consumption.

Injection products are used in agriculture. With the requirements of agricultural modernization development, in practical applications, injection molding products are also used in large quantities, and there are many types of plastics. Commonly used materials in agriculture include films, pipes, sheets, ropes and textile bags, etc., most of which use PVC, PE and PP are manufactured by blow molding, extrusion and other molding processes.

Plastic parts used in automobiles have become more and more extensive. Due to the particularity of the materials used in automobiles, plastic parts for automobiles have high requirements for raw materials, and have special requirements in terms of their processability, impact and strength.

Injection products are used in household appliances. Household appliances are developing in the direction of being intelligent, pollution-free and energy saving.

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