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Application of economical Rapid Mold in Injection Mold

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Application of economical Rapid Mold in Injection Mold
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With the development of the global economy, the demand for rapid economic molds is growing. What is the economic rapid mold? EconomicalRapid Moldare kind of molds that  use lots of the mold standard parts, which not only shortens the injection mold manufacturing time, but also improves mold quality and reduces mold manufacturing costs.

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The new technological revolution has continuously made new progress and breakthroughs, and the rapid development of technology has become an important factor driving the growth of the world economy. The continuous development of the market economy has prompted industrial products to develop more and more varieties, small batches, high quality and low cost. In order to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of products in the market, the product development time and production cycle time are increasingly shorten, so the requirements of the key process equipment for manufacturing various products - molds are becoming more and more demanding? It has prompted many mold manufacturers to use more mold standard parts, shorten the mold manufacturing cycle time, improve mold quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs. The rapid economic mold technology is even more powerful, the scope of application is expanding, the types are increasing, and the economic and social benefits created are becoming more and more significant.


The mold industry is called a "benefit amplifier." The value of the final product produced by the mold often exceeds the value of the mold itself by several tens times or even hundreds  times, which makes the level of mold design and production technology to a large extent, which determines the quality of the final product, market benefits and spike the competitiveness of other products.

Here, the author analyzes the difference between the rapid economic mold and the fast mold. We usually say that there are two kinds of rapid molds, one is the traditional CNC rapid prototyping, and the other is the increasingly mature 3D printing. The 3D printing technology is not suitable for mass production in the early stage of product development. In general, the new models we develop will be used in the early stage to make a 3D printing or CNC rapid prototyping hand for assembly and durability testing. The economical rapid mold can be produced in small batches.

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