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What is injection molding

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What is injection molding
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What is injection molding: Injection molding is the manufacturing process of mass-produced parts. Usually the same parts used in large-scale production processes are created thousands or even millions of times.


     Why use injection molding: The main advantage of injection molding is the ability of mass production. Once the initial cost has been paid for in the injection molding production unit is extremely low. As more and more parts of the price also fell sharply. Other advantages include the following:


     Low scrap rate in injection molding production: Compared to traditional production processes such as CNC machining, a large percentage of original plastic blocks or tables are cut off. But this can be negative relative to the additive manufacturing process like 3D printing, and even reduce the scrap rate. Note: Plastic injection molding manufacturing usually comes from four aspects: the runner, runner, door position and any part of the cavity where the spilled material leaks (a condition is called "flash").
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