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Plastic mold manufacturing

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Plastic mold manufacturing
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There is a saying in the industry that Mold is the mother of industry. Everything we see in life is almost related to molds. For example, automotive home appliances and mobile phones must be mass-produced by molds. Part of the missing.


In recent years, China's plastic molds have developed rapidly. The application of plastic products is also becoming more and more extensive, which provides a broad market for plastic molds. In addition, China's plastic molds have formed a huge industrial chain driven by the high-tech drive and the application needs of related pillar industries, from the upstream raw materials industry and processing to downstream machinery, home appliances, building materials and other major applications. Industry, the development of plastic molds is alive. From this, the overall development of the mold market is upward. In the future mold market, the proportion of plastic mold development in the mold industry will gradually increase.


Basic structure of plastic mold

The basic structure of plastic mold can be divided into: guiding system, support system, forming part system, pouring system, cooling system, ejection system, exhaust system.


The development trend of plastic mold

With the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and the continuous improvement of the basic supporting service functions, the value space of plastic mold manufacturing is still large, and the output ratio is still growing. It can be seen that the plastics processing industry is still in a rising stage. Because plastic molds involve many industries, a wide range of applications. In the future, with the advancement of technology and consumption upgrades, China's plastic products industry is still developing steadily.


From the current point of view, China is in the transition period of industrial structure. The state's goal for emerging industries is: by 2020, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for about 15% of GDP. In order to achieve the goal plan formulated by the state, in the strategic emerging industries, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be vigorously developed as a pillar industry. Therefore, the mold industry will benefit from the development of high-end equipment manufacturing.

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