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Overmolding manufacturing technology advantages and applications

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Overmolding manufacturing technology advantages and applications
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plastic overmolding, a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplasticmaterial is molded over another material to form one part.
Using two separate plastic injection molds on the plastic injection molding press, two materials are bonded together
during the plastic overmolding process to form plastic parts and components with unique visual or ergonomic appeal, such as handles or knobs.
Plastic overmolding technology is employed for a wide range of aesthetic and functional purposes in many industries and applications, such as Medical Devices, Appliances, Electronics, Consumer, Agricultural, and Automotive products and components.Overmolding Plastic parts
A wide range of thermoplastic materials can be overmolded, including soft plastics such as urethanes and thermoplastic
elastomers (TPE) and hard plastics such as nylon and polycarbonate.
Custom plastic overmolding is also used to strengthen, protect and improve a part or end product, while reducing cost, labor and materials.
Plastic overmolding offers numerous advantages, including:
Reduced secondary operation, assembly and labor costs (Molded as one assembly)
Eliminates bonding step in the manufacturing process (Improved component reliability)
Plastic overmolded components ensure proper alignment, prevents loosening and the plastic resin can provide improved resistance to vibration and shock
Improved part strength and structure
Enhanced design flexibility and multi-material components (Custom plastic overmolding allows for production of parts
molded of multiple thermoplastic materials)
Custom overmolded plastics provide competitive advantages in a wide range of applications, including:
Medical devices and instruments
Parts with soft grip handles
Knobs for appliances, controls and assemblies
Encapsulated electronic devices and electrical components
Window reveal moldingsProper mold design and construction and material selection are important in custom plastic overmolding to maintain part tolerances and tooling reliability. In addition,HKY Mould often employs robotic automation in the plastic overmolding process for fast and precise placement of inserts.With our many years of custom plastic overmolding experience, in-house engineering, mold design and building, and focus on innovative solutions, HKY Mould has partnered with many customers to produce overmolded plastic parts and components that reduce labor and assembly costs, while improving the quality, reliability and integrity of the end product.
HKY Mould has over 20 years of experience building plastic injection molds in China and has a dedicated mold building and Ijection Moulding facility in shen zhen, China.

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