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How to Prepare a Injection Mold Make Enquiry

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How to Prepare a Injection Mold Make Enquiry
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Injection Mold

As a product developer, you need a quick and accurate quotation from the Injection Mould Supplier to start the project. In turn, Injection Mold Maker need you to provide accurate information to ensure that they accurately produce the parts you expect. 
By preparing the following information in advance, you can help ensure that suppliers can provide fast, reliable and accurate quotations in your next product development project.

2D and 3D Design Drawings

It needs 2D and 3D technical drawings to generate the exact size and shape of finished parts, so it is very important to prepare these two types correctly.
The 2D drawings specify the exact dimensions and tolerances of all features. This is where you can pay attention to the surface texture, and other important parts of the information.
What format is the best? For HKY Mould, 2D drawings should be prepared in. PDF format, while 3D CAD files are acceptable. X_T,. IGS or. STP formats.
We need to know the monthly output of plastic parts, the annual output, and the service life of injection moulds. We can help you define the production quantity of the products in advance, and correspond to different demand. Different steel products are made to make one or more moulds. It is better to tell us very clearly at the beginning of the quotation process. Quantity, so that we can price with the most economical and accurate scheme.
Material Science

Plastic parts have their own unique mechanical and physical characteristics, which can help you achieve the required performance. Please be sure to tell us the exact material you want to use, so that we can not only provide an accurate quotation for raw materials, but also use the material to calculate the related processing costs.
If you are not sure about the materials you need, please provide as much information as possible about the application of parts. Our engineers can provide a variety of solutions.

The right color is very important for the success of product innovation. However, color may be subjective, so it is necessary to convey this information to suppliers in a clear way.
The best way is to specify a Pantone that allows us to provide precise color matching. If that is not possible, then provide a reference plastic sample, we will use our chromatometer to test the sample and generate LCH (light, chroma, hue) values. Then we get the sample color measurements, and eventually our color engineer uses color Master Batch or color powder for colour modulation. Of course, it is important to understand that the plastic particles used in plastic parts are mostly not the same `background color'. Therefore, the reference samples provided to us and the plastic parts that need to be manufactured now are as consistent as possible with the materials used.
surface treatment

surface treatment
No matter what kind of injection mold manufacturing process is adopted, the surface finish will be left on the parts eventually. However, this may not be the end you want.
So, whenever possible, it's best to use one to specify the surface treatment you want by referring to a known surface treatment standard, such as grain, highlight. These include SPI standards for plastics, MoldTech for chemically corroded injection mould tools, and so on.

all the details before quoting for injection moulds will help ensure that your manufacturing partners don't need to ask any other questions, thus speeding up your project.

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