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How to find and identify a good Injection mould factory in China?

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How to find and identify a good Injection mould factory in China?
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How to find and identify a good injection mould factory in China? This is frequent asked question by many foreign sourcing companies. The first step you need to evaluate your own needs. What's quantity demands, market your are targeting, injection mould making factory is generally divided into large, medium and small manufacturers, small mold factory have less capacity and a lots of processing would need outsourcing, this would increase unpredictability of quality and lead-time, but they have their own advantages like competitive price and more flexible to your company's needs as well, large mold factories have much bigger capacity by employing much more mold making machines and mold makers, the organization would be managed by system, certain processing follow standard procedure, this would make things much more controllable. However, the management cost and equipment depreciation would make the mold price is much higher. 
In the past 10 years, China injection mould making industrial has been through rapid developing and maintain 15% annual growth rate, Geographically, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta are the main area, both of them are the most developing area. This article would provide a references if you are seeking reliable and qualified plastic injection mould factory in China.

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Pearl river, including the city of Shenzhen, Dongguan etc. Shenzhen, as the leading city, has the most matured developed manufacturing chains, most of the plastic injection molds produced there are export to European and North America, automotive, medication, consumer electronic product are main application, there are a lots of most famous Chinese mold factories and some of them are invested by international investment, remarkable quality and on time delivery are their advantages. Dongguan Chang An is a famous mold-making-town closed to Shenzhen, the whole town are full of small or medium size factories of injection mould, competitive price are their advantages, quality is good. The mold factories located in Pearl River are closed to the free trading harbor HongKong, another advantage to connect with oversea customer.

Yangtze river Delta is another merged new economic developed area in China, the local plastic injection mold factories has characters as most of them are private companies, it allow more flexible and quick turn around, Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou are the critical cities, plastic mold factories around this area benefit the local raw materials resource and low labor cost, they are very competitive in pricing and considerable in quality.

For oversea customers, it's important to know better about the capacity, quality standard, or even trading term of the injection mould manufacturers in China, so a careful investigation or even make a visit on site if budget is allowed, it is definitely necessary before you made selection. You need to consider your own market as well, the best mold factories might not the best partner you desire, it's always about who are the most suitable.

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There are some guidelines you'd better follow when you visit and audit an injection mould factory in China. 

1) Get to know the people employed
The reason I put the people on top of all the related factors is because the job reply heavily on people. No matter how advance your equipment is, how many automatic machines you have equipped, people are always the lead and key to achieve the best work. Talk to them and figure out the welfare they are having and how many years of experiences they had, how long they worked for this factory. if you know much better what is the people like, you know better what is the work they present like. 

2) Check the equipment
Get a factory tour, you can count the equipment they had, if you are professional enough, you could probably figure their monthly capacity already. And there are more information you can get from the equipment
What's the biggest size of plastic injection mold they can manufacture.
What's the maximum weight they are able to do by injection molding.
What's the highest precision they are able to achieve.

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3) How you manage processing and how you insurance quality 

A good injection mould factory would have a good processing management way, it have to be employed and proved to be efficiency, get to know that and decide if you like to work with them, quality insurance is also a key factor you must pay attention to, you need to know how they guarantee the processing way is always in trial and controllable. 
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