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Custom Injection Mold

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Custom Injection Mold
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With the rapid development of the injection mold industry, the scale of the industry has continued to grow, and the market has formed a situation of oversupply. The design and manufacture of mold manufacturing must be determined according to customer requirements. The delivery of the mold should also be completed under the supervision of the customer.

Custom injection molds price

Injection molding is an efficient and mass-produced method. In the mold industry, injection mold manufacturers must use computer-aided design to program the machining process in order to produce high-precision, high-quality injection molds. This is the process of injection molding.

Factors affecting the price of custom injection molds

Manufacturing injection molds are a long process. The longer it takes for injection molding, the higher the cost of manpower and material resources. There are many manufacturing processes for injection molds, which determines the number of people required for the manufacturing process. In order to ensure quality, the mold needs to be tested several times. This determines the final delivery time will be longer. In addition, the design requirements of the injection mold are relatively high. If the early design work is not done well, it is difficult to modify the mold in the case of subsequent test proof failure. Therefore, the injection mold needs to be thoroughly considered in the initial design. The above points are the reasons that affect the price of custom injection molds.

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