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Delphi - Urea Pump Automotive Mould

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Delphi - Urea Pump Automotive Mould
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HKY Mold has been providing automotive fuel pump mold manufacturing, production and competition for Delphi Packard Electric for many years. Product research shows that Delphi fuel pump is less noisy, more durable, and has no flow or pressure when the fuel is hot. Variety. Guide springs and external rubber feet enhance stability and reduce noise caused by vibration. In 20 and 30 gram flow tests per second, the Delphi pump maintains maximum flow while the fuel is hot. Tests on major competitor parts have shown that there is a drop in fuel flow, which would cause the engine to fail when supplying fuel to a high-powered engine if large fuel supply is required.


car is known as the art of Walk, combining almost the highest standards of manufacturing, the most beautiful design, and the most stable performance. Thanks to the continuous advancement of the plastics industry, more and more parts are replaced by plastics under the requirements of lightweight vehicles. This is a set of automotive urea pump plastic molds, PA66+30%GF.

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PA66 is also the nylon material we often say. GF is glass fiber. The strength of GF material will be higher and it is more resistant to high temperature and wear. However, this type of material has strong hygroscopicity, the injection molded product is easy to be deformed, the size is not well controlled, and the appearance is good. Easy to produce floating fiber.

In the early stage of urea pump automotive mold design, we need to analyze the structure of the product from various aspects through software, such as wall thickness, shrinkage, glue, weld mark, deformation, etc., and take measures to avoid problems as much as possible in the mold design. Even some products, we need to change the original shape of the product, do the pre-deformation, let the product deform and return to the way we need it. The material of PA66+GF is widely used in automobile molds, and it is also a representative engineering material that we have done more.

                     Delphi - Urea Pump Automotive Mould 3

Automotive molds are required to be higher than other shell molds we have made. In order to provide better Precision mold and plastic products to our customers, HKY Mold has passed IATF16949 quality certification and strictly controls quality according to this system.
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