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HKY plastic mold technology solves the urgent needs of Wenzhou customers

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HKY plastic mold technology solves the urgent needs of Wenzhou customers
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A customer in Wenzhou found HKY Mold Factory through online search, and asked our customer service staff whether they have made rubber-coated molds. With a bunch of professional problems raised in the questioning, about the adhesion of TPU rubber to hard rubber. Question, about the problem of product cloaking and crushing, about gate design, ejector, and, fortunately, our customer service is engaged in mold technology, and has a certain understanding of the mold structure, otherwise it really needs to be stumped by others. . At the end, there is a sample of the sample over there, let us evaluate whether it can be done, a short technical question and answer, and it is too late to know how to praise each other.

The next day I received the sample, which is a torsion handle. According to the information on the handle, we can know that it is a Taiwan-made product. Our salesman and technicians conducted technical reviews on various aspects of product realization. This product does have certain requirements for the rubberized mold technology, so it is not surprising to ask a bunch of professional questions. We are a technical and practical enterprise. In addition to burying our heads and burying ourselves, we constantly challenge more difficult molds and provide more technical support and guarantees to our customers. This is our greatest value. Mr. Hu said: "How can we make molds that people can make, it will only do better than others." This is a boastful element, but it is also a manifestation of our company culture. To this end, in the past two years, we have been continuously improving the strength of the factory, from hardware upgrades to staffing, to create a better platform.

We replied to Wenzhou customers that this rubberized mold is technically no problem, and provides quotations for molds and products. Two days later, Vice President Ding flew from Wenzhou to Shenzhen, and further discussed the technical issues with us. We gave him a confusing and exchanged for a while, then he let go of the stone in his heart and told us about the difficulty of developing this product. process. Their company is doing instrumentation. This product has been purchased in Taiwan before. Because of the high purchase price and high sales price, they want to make some minor adjustments on the original product and then open the mold to control the product. The price, the amount of sales. In order to facilitate the control, they decided to open the model in Wenzhou, thinking that there is an existing model for reference, the same effect is certainly taken for granted, but the fact is not so ideal, the mold has been cast for half a year, there has been no OK sample, Compared with the products purchased by the original Taiwan, the workmanship is not at all grades. The repeated revisions have not improved, and it is not possible to produce samples, let alone mass production. The upper level of the company decided to come to Shenzhen to find a mold factory to re-open the mold, so that their engineers found our Hongkai Yun on the Internet, and asked a bunch of professionalism is also the first problem they encountered when opening the mold, our customer service staff professional The answer is that they have locked in Hong Kaiyun, business and price are the second to them, they can meet us according to our requirements.

Torque handle rubber mold

Torque handle rubber mold

Sure enough, we did not live up to the expectations of Ding deputy and their engineers, completed T1 in 35 days, and officially sampled after 40 days. Compared with Taiwanese products, the workmanship was even worse. After receiving the samples, Vice President Ding arranged the trial production. 8500set. During the production period, he once again flew to Shenzhen to learn about the progress. He seemed to be particularly concerned about the pit of the Wenzhou mold industry. He told us about the bitterness of the mold in the mold manufacturing and made the personal experience of the molds of the two places. A comparison. He revealed the price of this product in Wenzhou. We are really expensive here, but it is reliable and guaranteed. Between words, we are grateful to all kinds of affirmations. When we go, we say that we have to ask for hky to do the products that are required in the future. At that time, I thought, is this trust not our greatest pursuit and reward?

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