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Plastic Parts Injection Mould

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Plastic Parts Injection Mould
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The plastic parts injection mold is mainly composed of the moving mold and the fixed mold that determines the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts.

Therefore, the parts that constitute the moving mold and the fixed mold are called molding parts.The forming parts include the fixed mold, the moving mold and the design of molded parts such as movable mold and fixed mold inserts, side core-pulling sliders, inclined tops and other molded parts is designed the movable mold and fixed mold molded parts after the overall structure of the mold is determined.

The structure of the forming parts of the movable mold and the fixed mold has integral and insert.

The use of insert combination structure is the biggest feature of injection mold design and manufacturing. Generally, the shape and structure of general small molds are relatively simple. The processing is convenient and all adopt a monolithic structure.

For large molds,the combined insert structure is used to save material costs, facilitate mechanical processing, reduce the amount of machining, grinding, polishing, and heat treatment.

At the same time,must ensure the machining accuracy of parts, cooling effect and reducing the machining stress of materials.

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