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Injection Mold

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Injection Mold
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The injection mold consists of pouring system, forming parts, stripping system, guide system, temperature control system,fixing and installation parts.

The pouring system leads the plastic melt from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to a group of feeding channels in the mold cavity.The design of casting system is very important which determines the molding quality and production efficiency of plastic parts directly .

The forming part is composed of core and hollowing block. In accordance with the requirements of process and manufacturing sometimes core and concave hollowing block is composed of several pieces, sometimes make it whole.

In order to ensure that the moving die and the fixed die can be connected accurately .The guide parts must be set in the die. There are four sets of guide posts and guide sleeve are usually used to form the guide parts.

In order to meet the requirements of injection molding process on mold temperature, it is necessary to have a temperature regulating system to adjust the mold temperature. Thermoplastic injection molding is designed primarily to cool the mold with a cooling system.

The exhaust groove is used to eliminate the gas fully in the molding process.

Some plastic parts with side pits and side holes must be divided laterally before being pushed out and then the side core-pulling mechanism should be set up in the mold.

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