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HKY provides Mercedes-Benz aromatherapy machine plastic mold for Guangzhou customers

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HKY provides Mercedes-Benz aromatherapy machine plastic mold for Guangzhou customers
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HKY realizes that only when we go out can we have a way out. We will eventually serve more customers and make more different products. For example, smart home project mold development, automotive cover mold development, medical equipment military products, digital electronic product mold development and so on. Regardless of the industry in which the plastic mold is applied, the size of the product and the complexity of the structure are roughly the same. The development of molds for all plastic products depends on the quality control of the molds and the level of experience of the mold manufacturers. The mold factory cannot control the structure and performance of the products. 

HKY provides Mercedes-Benz aromatherapy machine plastic mold for Guangzhou customers

Therefore, mold manufacturers are required to product in certain industries. The professional level does not seem so important. That is to say, the plastic mold factory has a high level of professionalism on the mold, and it is unrealistic to talk about the specialty of the product itself.

Considering the increasing variety of products, the customization of each set of molds and the increasingly strict requirements of customers, the demand for mold quality control changes has formed a major obstacle in the development of general small and medium plastic mold factories, which is related to mold development. Cycles, customer service satisfaction, development costs, factory manufacturing efficiency, and more. Mold is a customized product, can not achieve mass production, each set of mold has its requirements, if the requirements are not clear enough, not transparent, the upper and lower understanding of the mold can not reach consensus, quality control can not be in place, want to make quality mold and improve The efficiency of the factory is bound to hurt the brain to go back and forth.

HKY Technology deeply understands that quality is the foundation of the market. In order to provide better plastic mold service to the broad masses of customers at home and abroad, HKY Technology has started to compress orders since the end of 15th and carry out comprehensive rectification. From the upgrade of the machine configuration, the upgrade of the test equipment to the whole training, to the system certification, the successful conversion into the CRM management system, and the change from the blood of the HKY people, the manners, the practice, from the raw material storage to the machining stage , to the mold assembly trial stage of the mold size and appearance of strict requirements, and set up a professional mold QC full-process monitoring, testing, problem points directly report to the general manager.

An electronic technology company in Guangzhou, mainly engaged in high-end automotive peripheral products, has been rated as one of the top ten excellent automotive peripheral products service providers in China. After the Spring Festival, there is a product Mercedes-Benz car aromatherapy machine opened in our company. After the market, the Red Sea has had a certain impact on the mold manufacturing cycle. It was delayed for a few days before the T1 sample was handed over. It is worried that the delay in the delivery of the company will cause losses to the other company, and I will not be willing to go. Mr. Hu received a call from General Peng. There was no blame for Mr. Hu. Instead, he praised us for doing a good job. During the meeting, Mr. Hu was not happy to say: People’s Peng said that he had done so many years of products. I have opened N sets of plastic molds, and I have not seen T1 samples to be as good as HKY. Hearing such comments from customers, not only Hu, all HKY people are sweet, we are more convinced that all our efforts are correct and worthwhile, and we must continue to improve in this direction, the better the better .

Quality escort, distance is no longer a hindrance, due to the development of the network, your distance from me is no longer an obstacle, so Shenzhen HKY Technology can provide customers in Harbin, Qingdao, Xiamen, Tianjin, Jiangxi and Xi'an to all parts of the country. High quality plastic molds and products. It is also the network that brings us closer to our customers.

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