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Plastic Inject Mould Manufacturer
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 Pouring system
Composition of the pouring system: The pouring system refers to the plastic flow channel of the plastic melt in the mold from the injection machine nozzle to the mold cavity. Among them, the plastic flow in the gate sleeve is called the main channel, and the rest is called the diverter channel. The orifice leading from the end of the runner to the cavity is called a gate, and a cold well is provided at the end of the runner that does not lead to the cavity. The basic principle of designing pouring system: While satisfying the quality of plastic products, it should also help to increase the molding speed and shorten the molding cycle. The composition of the pouring system is composed of main channel, diverter channel, gate and cold material well.

Pouring system composition

1. Main channel: a section of material flow channel from the nozzle of the injection machine to the branch channel.

2. Diversion channel: The material flow channel between the main channel and the gate.

3. Gate: a section of material flow channel with a short length and a small cross-section between the runner and the mold cavity.

4. Cold material well: It is used to store the front end of the cold material at the end of the flow channel. When the runner is empty, the mold temperature is much lower than the plastic. In order to prevent these materials from entering the part, the cavity left at the end of the runner.
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