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Precision Mould Two-Shot Mould Rapid Tooling Injection Molding casting die

Precision Mould


Precision Mould

HKY has been focusing on high quality Precision Injection Mould Maker, have 15 years of experience in Mould manufacturing and familiar US, Europe in HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, experience. standard.

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Two-Shot Mould


Two-Shot Mould

The two-color mold is two kinds of plastic materials that are injection molded on the same injection molding machine and formed in two parts. Two barrels, two nozzles, the mold is divided into two inlets, but the product is only used once, usually by one set o...

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Rapid Tooling


Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling aims to simplify the mold structure, shorten the delivery time and reduce the cost. It is often used in the injection molding industry. At the very first beginning of the new product development, rapid tooling can meet the timing and cost requ...

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Injection Molding


Injection molding

We could offer you plastic Injection molding custom services, Injection mould design, mold making with low cost no matter a few hundred small quantity or millions of parts, you may need small quantity order at first,

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casting die


casting die

In many projects, in addition to plastic parts, there are alloy parts, such as our common aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, these alloy parts also need to be molded. In order to provide customers with better service, we established a professional die...

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HKY Mould are Injection Mould China Company, can provide our customers from part design, prototypes, Injection Mould Making, Injection Molding Parts, and painting. We have a rich experienced team, advanced equipment, ERP management system, which make us better on the Precision Injection Mould making with excellent service, good quality Injection Mould and after-sales insurance

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HKY Mould Ltd has been cooperated with many customers on the injection mold project, which occupy in different industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Machinery, Appliance, Electronics, Packaging, Machinery, etc.

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TO the best Plastic mold manufacturing in China


Founded in 2005, HKY Mould is one of the most competitive Injection mold manufacturers and injection molding companies in Shenzhen, China. We serve a wide range of industries including automotive interiors, automotive cooling systems, electronics, home applications, medical, energy, industrial and more.

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How Does The Injection Molding Process Work?

How Does The Injection Molding Process Work?2019/08/10

Purchasing Engineer before choosing the partner of Injection Moulding, it is better to know the Injection Molding Process First.

China Injection Mould Maker

China Injection Mould Maker2019/09/06

China Injection Mould Making Development Along with the trends of plastic injection mould making companies transferred from developed country to China, Chinese plastic mold making...

Use CNC Lathe Or Turning Center For Injection Mould Making

Use CNC Lathe Or Turning Center For Injection Mould Making2019/09/04

The CNC lathe or turning center can be an extremely valuable asset for a plastic injection mould making company. Many shops have yet to realize just how accurate and versatile thes...

HKY Mold uses injection robots to improve injection molding efficiency

HKY Mold uses injection robots to improve injection molding efficiency2019/08/29

We recently configured robots for injection make larger volumes of plastic injection molded parts with the addition of Multiple new fully computerized robotic arm assist...

Plastic Electric Parts Mould

Plastic Electric Parts Mould2019/12/24

Silver line marks refer to the surface of the product with long needle-like white frost-like fine lines. These fine lines often form a "V" shape with the tip facing away from the g...

What should be paid attention to when making injection molds?

What should be paid attention to when making injection molds?2019/12/14

There are two templates on the injection molding machine, one is not known and is called a fixed template; the other is not fixed. The other can be called a mobile template. The mo...

What are the causes of cracks in plastic casing products

What are the causes of cracks in plastic casing products2019/12/14

Engineering plastics are widely used in the manufacture of industrial parts and various housings due to their excellent properties-high strength, heat resistance, impact resistance...

Common problems and solutions when processing injection molds

Common problems and solutions when processing injection molds2019/12/05

Many people know that in the process of using plastic injection, there will always be problems during the injection process due to improper materials or machine operation; now we s...

plastic injection molds FAQ

plastic injection molds FAQ2019/05/25

01、What kinds of molds you make?Plastic injection molds, die casting molds, or any other kinds?      Majority of our business are the plastic injection molds. &n...

Acrylic injection molding process

Acrylic injection molding process2019/11/26

(Polymethylmethacrylate, referred to as PMMA, English Acrylic), also known as acrylic or plexiglass, is called Aga Lijiao in Hong Kong. Its casting plate polymer has a number avera...

PPS Special Engineering Plastic Injection Molding

PPS Special Engineering Plastic Injection Molding2019/11/12

Common plastic materials used in injection molding are ABS/PC/POM/PP, and other general materials, but for some special products, functional products, there are  special requi...

How to choose Expert Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China?

How to choose Expert Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China?2019/11/09

The key reason why most molders work with Chinese injection mold makers is price. Of course, price is not the only one, and its percentage is still slowly declining. Before d...


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